"The case of the Haunted Sarcophagus"

Papa Axel and Cheezo run a detective agency called "Spookchasers". They investigate 'paranormal mysteries' . . .  at very reasonable prices !  They travel by penny farthing ( it's kind of an old style bike ! ) and carry a spookbag containing expensive spook hunting gear.  In this weird tale, the duo are asked , by a very famous archaeologist, to find a demon that's terrorising his castle.

They have to find where the demon is hiding and contain him !  Hmmmm not easy !!??

Spookchasers - The Haunted Sarcophogus

  • This is a graphic novel, and Spookchasers books are aimed primarily at the 7 - 11 year old reader.

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From Author / Illustrator Cathie Mac

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