This is a Personalised Book specially written by the Squiggly Pen author, Cathie Mac. Choose one of the Squiggly pen Books and have it personalised to you !!  The characters will become members of the family, even the family pet can get in on the act. Suddenly the family dog becomes a ‘Dragon ‘ !!  The level of customisation is extensive.  This is not a mass produced ‘name substitution’ print, Cathie will essentially “re write” the entire book to suit your requirements. From the cover to cover and then the book becomes YOURS.

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Personalised 'Character' Book

  • The magic of these books is contained within the pages. YOUR name (this could be you, your children, your pets, or even a relation) is included in the story.

    This is not a simple changed NAME insert where the character appears in the book, this is a total immersion; objects, colours, situations, characters, even the Book title could be changed to your requirements.  This is a complete customisation of the ENTIRE book.

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From Author / Illustrator Cathie Mac

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