Squiggly Pen books have the facility to have a selected book printed with Personalised Characters of your choice substituted with your name, your children’s name, or even your pets name.

This is a completely re written book with your name, your children’s name, pals, pets . . . .  whatever you want, incorporated into the very transcript of the book of your choice !!  have a look at the example given then decide what book you would like to see yourself in.  Are you the ‘Adventurous type’ ? then you could be a “CAT” that’s always up to mischief, or a member of the “Spookchasers Team” out to track down Ghosties and Ghoulies !  Alternatively you could become a member of the “Giddie Gang” and travel alongside having wonderful adventures along the way.

Personalised Books


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From Author / Illustrator Cathie Mac

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